A ruota libera

3 Classificato

3rd place at  the Italian street award “La catena di Zampanò” (Rimini)


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We are “Street Performers”…no matter on the place!
Improvised theatre to be performed everywhere!

Since the beginning, bike is the main theme of our show: a couple of young comedians approaching the public riding a gypsy tandem on the notes of a groovy music.
Giant soap bubbles, impressive monocycle skills (till 2.10 meters high!) and hat manipulation…
These are the basic ingredients of our recipe… our plus is to be always able to link the audience, we keep in touch with the people attending the show and make them an active part of it!

It is a show that aims to involve the more possible the public and the space of the plaza… idea is to make to play the public!

The production is plug-and-play… the whole material is transported on the tandem (inclusive music).
Once arrived on the place of the exhibition, we can immediately start.
Once the show is over, we can again prepare the tandem and to change place of exhibition.