Mr. Ping Pong

Premio Vassalli

Mr Ping Pong Prize Winner

First prize at the international circus theatre award “Premio Emilio Vassalli”

acted and made by:: Paolo Piludu
staging by: Domenico Lannutti
costumes: Ago nel pagliaio sartoria Creativa
technical partnership: Luca Scapellato
artistic hause: Teatro Murialdo di Torino
cooperated with: CITA – Coop.Italiana Artisti
Theatre Duration: 50 minutes
Outdoor Duration: 30 minutes

More than a show, this spectacle aims to be a hymn to the infinite possibilities of bouncing in life: a tribute to all sports, a mockery to the wild competition between rivals in any contest. The result is a freakish portrait of the classic “golden boy” sportsman, handsome and perfect, with is never ending tics and secretly kept superstitions.

Who is Mr. Ping Pong, anyway?

He is the best player of the world…
He is a living legend….
He is venerated, as a pagan God, in China…

Who, from the public, will dare to challenge him?

Mr Ping Pong is a all-out show centered on the expressive strength and the extravagance of the main character, who ghostly appears to pull the leg to the sportive champ stereotype. He brings on the scene a true challenge with vibrant racket hits, non verbal language moves and a series of improvised rhythms to keep alive the attention of the audience.
Thanks to his ability to hook the public, who really becomes the third player in the field, called to play and take part to some acrobatic juggling’s, Mr. Ping Pong is able to transform a sportive challenge in an extraordinary event who will see the great laughter as the actual, unique and real winner of the game!

The show is acted by actor Paolo Piludu, sapiently guided by the hands of internationally appreciated director. Mr. Domenico Lannutti.


Mr. Ping Pong durante la pandemia