C’est Magnifique

C’est Magnifique” is a Comedy show with aerial acrobatics, musical ability,  puppets and emotional juggling.
It ‘a Clown show, or better, three Clowns going crazy …
… And about the show: a musical saw, a diatonic accordion, an aerial hoop, a pair of tap shoes, five bouncing balls,  an aerial silks,  five puppets and five manipulation hats … all in 55 minutes, all in a continuous crazy game.
….A Noir show, dynamic and exhilarating. Techniques of circus, live music and juggling expertly blended by director Maril Van Den Broek (Cie du Pas’Sage – FR -).

In vaguely dark and surreal atmosphere, we meet Gregorio. His hump and huge coat speak for him, it seems that nothing goes the right way for him … we see him choleric, rebellious, funny and very angry with the parrots of Mrs. Ida.
Ida is the undisputed leader of the strange circus where we are, even dominating Gregorio with the smallest nod. She is the only one that really feel comfortable on stage … a cat and mouse balance, but still a balance, which is broken by the arrival of the new artist, Miss Molly. But who is She? And what can  She do? And who will Gregory  be a fan of now?
Start all against all! Do not save bandages, plasters and slap to the wrist, everything seems to drift … but such is life: C’est Magnifique!


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